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I found a way to fix impotence in 2 days, and to also overcome chronic inflammation of the prostate in 15 days - without humiliating rectal massage and expensive medication! I want to share this experience with you.

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Hi there, guys! This is not going to be an ordinary post. Because this is a post about male problems. Something more – this is a post about how to treat male problems, successfully. I am going to tell you how I finally managed to overcome the prostate issues that I have been suffering from for many years. Moreover, my potency got really better. I am almost as good in bed, as when I was young. I have used a single method – nothing complicated – a method you can use in the comfort of your home. This method helped not only me, but also many other men. But let´s start from the very beginning.

I started experiencing the first symptoms of prostate issues 9 years ago. I was working on a building site back then and I somehow managed to develop prostate hypothermia. This was accompanied by previously untreated genital disease. It wasn't anything dangerous, but still... Moreover, it was a tough time in my life: I divorced my wife, and I was really edgy and nervous. All of this affected my health, my immunity dropped and I developed prostatitis. I started feeling sharp pain in the crotch, I had trouble urinating, I had that unpleasant frequent urge to pee and I was unable to fully empty my bladder. I went for a check-up to both my general practitioner and an urologist, and my diagnosis was confirmed. That was when my suffering started.

I was trying all sorts of things to help me overcome it, and the battle lasted 8 long years. Massage, antibiotics, all kinds of herbal and alternative medicines – all the best things I was able to find. I did notice some results – sharp pain was no longer that bad, but the inflammation developed into a chronic stage, and it only took a little trigger (such as cold weather or a beer), and my condition would become bad again.

I was slowly getting used to this condition and I almost put up with it. However, I started suffering from potency problems – which were caused by the prostatitis and occur in 90% of men suffering from this condition. At first I was just unable to achieve complete erection, then it disappeared completely. And I got really worried then. I am just 37, and I really didn't like the idea of being done with my sex life at such age.

My potency problems caused me family problems (with my second wife): we started arguing way too often. My wife is quite a bit younger than me, and we have no children (only I have children from my first marriage), and therefore I got worried that she might dump me for another man. It seemed to me as though it might happen. And most likely it would actually happen, sooner or later. After all, woman can't live without sex, and when her man can´t satisfy her, she will grow cold over time and will find another one. That is life. Luckily for me, it did not go that far!

The method that helped me to overcome prostatitis and most importantly save my family and sex life

Not only was I able to improve my potency, but I also managed to overcome chronic prostatitis completely! I was saved by Chinese urological plasters called ProstaPlast. I bought them just because I had no idea what to do next. But it turned out that these plasters were the most efficient treatment of all. And moreover, the effects could be felt and seen almost immediately.

I don't remember having a morning erection for at least 10 years, even before I started experiencing potency problems. And after two weeks of using the plasters it reappeared. Furthermore, it was hard and durable as when I was in my young days, it was also accompanied by great appetite for sex. I hadn't experienced such a pleasant thing for a long time. I had no idea what I would do if my wife wasn't lying next to me. Continued usage of the plasters improved my potency and stamina even more..

As I have already mentioned, my potency became the same as it was in my young days, and my prostatitis symptoms gradually disappeared. After the full course (approximately 3 weeks) I went for another check-up and the result was negative – the prostatitis had disappeared. However, this also happened before – after sessions of antibiotics, but then the inflammation returned after a month or two. But now it has been more than 10 months, and there are still no signs of inflammation. Not even a small sign, even though I got flu a couple of times during that period.

To be honest, I still can't believe that I managed to overcome prostatitis and impotency. These plasters are manufactured using cutting-edge technology, but still. They actually helped me more than expensive medicine and antibiotics. And I am not the only one.

I recommended these plasters to several friends who suffered from the same condition, and they achieved the same results as me. They also overcame chronic prostatitis and potency problems. Therefore I can definitely say that my results were not a lucky coincidence, and these plasters are truly are an efficient treatment. So to all men suffering from potency or prostate issues, I recommend Chinese urological plasters.

You can learn more about these urological plasters ProstaPlast here

P.S. Did anyone of you tried them, too? Were they effective for you? Leave a comment if you don't mind. I am really curious, and I am sure that I am not the only one who benefited from the Chinese urological plasters.



I ordered it! It should be delivered in 7 days. I will try it and let you know what´s up.

Steven K

Cool! You have to try it. It is very hot right now.

Peter Thompson

I have been using these plasters about six months ago. They helped me to overcome inflammation of urethra and prostatitis. And I noticed higher potency on the very next day. I almost forgot about Viagra, and I used to take it quite frequently before. I recommend it, just as the author of this article. If you are having trouble with genitourinary tract – Chinese plasters are ideal solution.


thanks for the tip!

Michael Leighton

You can find detailed info about Chinese plasters ProstaPlast here
>P.S. Did anyone of you tried them, too? What are your experience and results? Leave a comment if you don't mind. I am really curious, and I am sure that I am not the only one.
I never trusted in the effects of folk medicine, not even the Chinese one. But my life forced me to try these plasters. And now I can't praise them enough. I have completely changed my attitude towards Chinese medicine. Its truly something special. No antibiotics helped me as much as these plasters.


Warning! For all who wanted to order Chinese urologic plasters ProstaPlast, but still did not do it. It is about time – there is a promotion on the website and you can buy the product with a big discount. It´s almost half the price!


I was recently watching TV show about men´s diseases, and they also mentioned these plasters. And the recommended them.


So, as I am writing about my experience, as promised. The plasters arrived just as promised. They look like regular plasters, high quality – they do not tear nor do they rumple. Unlike most other Chinese goods. The material allows air to easily pass through it so the skin does not sweat underneath. You need to stick them on the belly around your belly button. For 3 days. They do not annoy you while walking or doing anything else. And now for the important thing – their effect. There was an effect and it was quite powerful. I have been wearing plasters for less than a week, and I no longer feel pain in my crotch. I no longer feel burning when I pee – I also do not feel urge to pee so often anymore (almost everything is fine in this aspect already), my groin pains are also gone. At the same time a feel a surge of power and energy, my mood got better. My potency is also improved. I like these plasters. I want to take the full treatment. Thanks for the tip!


I agree with others. It is a high-quality product!


ProstaPlast is really a cool thing. I have also used these plasters and they helped me overcome chronic prostatitis in less than a week. Just like you, I had been unsuccessfully treated for several years. Nothing worked.


Same for me. They helped me too, some time ago.


Thanks for the advice. I have ordered the plasters. I have problems with achieving and maintaining erection. I hope it helps. Just one more question – did you stick them to your belly as the website says you should?

michael (admin)

Yep, Nathan. I did everything according to the instructions.


A friend of mine keeps talking about them all the time.